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Every Janesville citizen has a right to be informed, and to inform; FORWARD with the freedom of speech!
The Janesville Courant was established on April 9, 2012.  It took the name of 'courant' in honor of the Daily Courant, one of the world's first regular daily newspapers.  The objective of TJC is to promote an additional media outlet of news, perspective and support of community events or organizations while keeping 'local' the  basis of TJC's theme.  For more information about us, please visit the ABOUT page.


This Code of Ethics applies to all journalism and photography submitted for publication
 through  The Janesville Courant:

A submission to the Janesville Courant should strive to

Contain truths and grammatically correct format to the best knowledge of the author(s);

Be accurate in accounts of events and vital information revealed;

Be impartial unless it is properly referenced as an opinion;

Be respectful of Wisconsin's laws concerning privacy or freedom;

and be credible with properly referenced sources.

“America’s hometown papers, whether large or small, chronicle the daily life of our nation, of our people .... Put it all together, and community newspapers do not
just tell the story of American freedom, (they) are that story.”  Colin Powell, U.S. Secretary of State (Speech to the American Newspaper Association,
March 25, 2001)

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